Pen making update 12

Well I am back from holiday by the coast and I have started pen making once more. This time I have two pens in the works. Both will be winging their way over to america once they are done. The first is using a blank called Timelord, which is named after the uk tv programme Dr Who, the other is made out of ebonite and so far they have both come up quite nicely. Just the caps to do, first have to find a match to the ebonite, do I need to match it exactly do you think? For the Timelord one I already have a 2nd blank for that.


I almost had a disaster with the Timelord pen. Before I went on holiday I put the barrel in a safe place where it would be protected. I came back off holiday and could I remember where I put it? Hell no, I looked everywhere and it was nowhere to be seen. I gave up looking after two days and it wasn’t until the other day when I was looking through my pen boxes when I found it. Almost bought a new blank of the material, was thankful the work hadn’t gone to waste.

So anyway, some big news. I have a website now, well the beta of a website. It is very very rough at the moment but at least it is live and it is working with no dead links or anything. I am not happy with the web address but I can’t afford my own domain until I start selling more pens, so at the moment I am stuck with it. Anyway, please take a look, if you feel like it drop me a line using the contact us page with any sort of feedback about the site or even if you feel like it, about a pen you want. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you want to post some feedback about the site here too, I am more than happy to read it and take it into advisement. I have never built a website before and wanted to see what I came up with if I tried. The colour of the background is my attempt to match my favourite ink, KWZ El Dorado.

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