Pen making update 13

This week was pretty shitty really. My depression hit and I was in a pretty bad place to begin with so yeah, there was that, but that is not what you want to read, you want to know about pens and pen making. The thing is it is all interconnected and sometimes I cannot talk about one without the other, can’t talk about a tapestry without taking it all in, that kind of thing.

So, I am working on 3 pens at the moment, you saw two of them last week, the ebonite one and the timelord one. But as it is star wars day I figured at the end of this week I would start work on the Star Wars pen I had in mind. This was a pen I was talking about with a prospective client that ended up turning it down because I do not make my own sections, I was inspired enough to make it anyway, I love star wars after all. It is also the one in the main image.

Here is the work so far with the nib I have in mind, obviously it’s not polished yet.

Anyway had a bit of an accident mid week. I was turning the cap for the timelord pen and everything was going fine. I had just got to the point where I was shaping it and the threaded end shattered. Now, let me tell you this, the air around me must have turned a shade of blue with the amount of expletives which were flying out of my mouth. Anyway I tried to calm myself down and attempt to rescue the cap and I drilled it again and got the depth I needed, I went to thread it and whammo, massive crack on it again. Upon closer inspection there was another crack further up, no chance to rescue it.

the cap now destined for the broken bits bin, elongated end was to fix a clip.

I have used a bit of polyester make a rod that I can thread into future caps to make turning them easier. I have a few caps to make soon, so we will see how well it works.

Finally a bit about my website Den’s Pens , I have yet to have any orders, I wasn’t expecting anything amazing to begin with, if I am honest, I am just glad that people are looking at it. Looking at the stats the furthest reach it has gotten is as far as Japan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, this utterly astounds me to be honest. I have some questions though.

How can I Improve the site? What pen designs do people want to see? I have been toying with designs to put into the ends of barrels, letters, different geometric shapes, I mean I would find that interesting but is it something you would like to see? Is the site easy to navigate and is the information relevant? Sorry it has been such a long update this week, I had a lot to get off of my chest. Take care with whatever it is you do.

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