Pen Making Update 18: Materials, all the Materials

So, that was a nice weekend away and I am not as hungover as I thought I would be at this point in the day, which is good. I was very well behaved all in all.

Anyway on to the pens. I almost finished a pen, just a little bit of sanding on the flat edges and it is done (that is the one in the cover image). I quite like it, the cap is a little long but that is due to me still getting used to putting clips on, as I am trying to avoid using glue and I am still learning how far it needs to screw the end in to make the clip secure. At the moment this one is pretty secure.

I sorted my materials in the week and matched a lot of them up. There are the odd one or two which don’t match at all, those ones are pretty obvious. A lot of them however are pretty good matches, I even have some fully matching blanks. If you have any suggestions of ones which would match better let me know.

Time Lord – these ones were bought for the project in the cover image, a great material to work with, quite forgiving only problem was that it doesn’t like taking threads.

Blue Camo – this is a blue acrylic I intend to use for the barrel, it is an easy material to work with, the cap will be made of ebonite blue and black. I think they go quite well together.

Orange Ebonite – There is very little room for mistakes on these ones as they are both quite short blanks. They at least go together.

Black and white Casein – Not the greatest material in the world due to possible warping in humid conditions and I can’t decide to make a white cap and black body or a white body and black cap.

Orange & black acrylic stripy and cream swirl – the cream swirl is long enough to get a cap and barrel from, the other two match so not much to say.

The oranges and blue/red swirld – they don’t fully match but I think these orange ones go well together, they will be super shiny after a round of sanding, the red and blue are for a future project already.

The Browns – I have already started making a pen from the middle ones of these three, the other two go together, I am not sure what the material is as it feels a bit different.

The Omas selection – These are my favourite blanks that I have found and it has taken me so long to get two full sets. They have been put aside for when I think I am capable of making something special or if someone pays to get a pen made from them.

Mismatch one: crackle edition – yeah these don’t go together at all, they are only together because the purple is somewhat similar.

Mismatch two: order and chaos – So these are put together because I like the contrast of the order of the stripes and the chaos of the other blank. This will either look great or absolutely shit.

That is all that has really happened this week. Hopefully next week I will do something a bit more update worthy. I should have completed the pen on the cover image and posted that away. I should hopefully have the brown one finished. So what shall I do next? Which combinations work and which really don’t? Are there any you would like to see? What should I do next? You tell me either here or on the website. Have a good week.

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