Pen making update 23: Sections and bad news

Not really sure what I am going to write this week. I want to be chipper and positive but I had some news which could drastically impact my ability to write these updates and to create pens. Up until now I have been using a lathe which has been in the lab that I work in that is owned by my boss. Well the upper mucka mucks in the company that I work at have decided to have a change around, a side effect of this is that the lathe will most likely be going. Which leaves me up the creak without a paddle. I have offered to buy the lathe from him but have yet to hear back from him figuring an old bad lathe is better than no lathe. If that doesn’t happen then I have to either sell a bunch of pens to be able to afford to continue on or pretty much that is it for me. Well that is all the shit done, time for some better stuff I think.

Just putting this out there but if any of you have been holding off getting a pen from me now is your chance, I have 1 pen due in August and that is it. My turn around on pens is roughly 3 to 4 days from finalising the design to shipping the pen. I hope to hear from you soon.

I know some of you have been waiting for me to make my own sections and I recently got the tools to do so. I made a few attempts to make them and [failed]( The first one I got the threading wrong so I cut it open to see what was going on. The second one I shattered the part which threads into the barrel. The third one I got the internal threading to


(, so that was a bonus. However once more I shattered the part which goes into the barrel. I didn’t know what to do and it was stressing me out, I went home and I thought about it for a while after reading something u/newtonpens had sent me and had something I wanted to experiment with. So far I had tried turning the blank down to the correct diameter threading it and then drilling and I had tried drilling and then turning it down and threading it. I had tried drilling at different speeds too. Then I had a brain wave, I used an old blank and made a threaded collar, I fit this over the part I had made the right diameter and attempted to drill through it and it worked a treat. This is ugly as it is not shaped at all but all the threading


( internal and external. I then shaped it with a file and fitted it onto a [spare barrel]( I had lying around.

I finished my last clients pen and shipped that out this week too. At the moment it is making it’s way over the pond to America. I won’t post an image of it here so they can post one if they wish.

Another pen I did this week was my main project. It is my sisters 40th birthday and I suggested I make her a pen which she loved the idea of. Her favourite colour is black and so I made her a black pen, with a black nib, black clip and a black section. Here it is


(, in that image you can just about see the highlights in the material which really pop in the light. This is the [polished up version](, I have done two caps for her so here it is with the [clipless cap]( The stills don’t really do it justice so I made a quick


Lastly I have opened an instagram account under the name @denscustompens like always if you want to order a pen or just talk to me about them you can get through to me on my website:

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