Pen making update 28: Pens and sections

Going to be short but sweet this week, and next week will be short too as I don’t have access to the lathe until Thursday, same as the week after. Gotta love childcare.

* Pen making

I posted earlier in the week that I finished the ebonite pen that I made so I won’t post any more of the images. Well, maybe


( Oh now that is over with I have some news. I was looking through a feed from a canadian pen maker on instagram and saw a very striking red pen, it figuratively jumped out the image and slapped me around the face. Anyway, I messaged him and asked how much, way out of my price range, which was no surprise. I forgot about it and started making another pen, [this one](,

[another image]

(, he messaged me directly and asked if I wanted to trade it for the pen I had enquired about. Of course I jumped at the chance. I finished it up the other day, I think it looks quite



Then I had a failure. Sigh. I started making the other parts to the Omas light blue blank I have. I managed to drill out the section alright and now all it needs it a [shape]( to it. Unfortunately when I went to drill out the barrel to put the thread on it [broke](, which sucked. Luckily I still have plenty of the


( left. I’ll get to finish it off next Thursday.

* Workshop

I put together the door and it works. I should also be clearing it out while I am off work. Then I can paint on the floor where I want things to go and get a good visualisation of what it will be like to work in.

* Personal

I am thinking about opening a new account for Den’s Pens. So it’s not under the security man tag. Good idea?

Anyways as usual you can follow me on instagram @denscustompens

and my website is open for business too



Take care and have a good weekend.

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