Pen making update 34: and the winner is…

* Pen making

Well I posted the spare blanks I had to spare last week and the results came in. The above blanks were the ones that one. A transparent Omas green blank and a kirinite teal and red swirl blank. With the clear one as a barrel and section then the other as the cap. I had enough for this to work and the goals I wanted were twofold. I wanted it to be a design I had tried before but I wanted to improve on it. [This]( is what I was basing it on,


( is what I ended up with. The other goal was that I wanted the pen to post. I


( the second, do you think I improved on the design? You know what though? Even though the colours look hideous together I kind of like it.

Random cat tax, [her name is Lilly]( as in Lilly Munster.

The other pen I made this week was one I started last week. It was using a [red and black blank]( which had the same material as this [timelord]( one I did a while back. It is a great material to work with, turns very well and manages to look shiny and matt at the same time, well I think it does anyway. The reason for making it? I am practising putting clips on pens, sure they cost a little more to make because I buy in the clips but it makes the pen look a bit more complete than clipless pens. I have a relative who may be able to make custom roll stops for my pens though so that it something, I am looking forward to that if it happens.

I have a few more pens in the works, two for clients and I think I have 3 in the line up for just general pen work. I want to expand on my skills so when I have nailed putting clips on to the pens every time then I will put work into doing faceted edges and putting sculpted ends on the pens. I want to get to a stage where I can shape letters and things in the end of the pens, oh also engraving into the barrels I want to be able to do that too. I am getting ahead of myself though, well I can dream right?

* Workshop

It is coming along nicely. I have a second


( now and a shelf. In the picture you can see I have a mascot at the back too. Yes I know it needs a bit of a tidy.

* Other

Nearly walked out of my job the other day when it took 4 days to programme a robot. It should only take ½ a day. When I am better at programming I want to see if I can make a 2 tonne industrial robot to write a simple message with a fountain pen. Probably something simple like ‘Hi!’ It will give me something to post on penmanship porn or here. Anyway, that is it for another week, have a good weekend and take care.

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