Update 37: On the road again

Pen making

I will be straight with you, I am really not in the mood to write this at the moment but I will do my best, so please bear with me. Anyways, as they say, on with the show.

So, yes I am back to the anyways and the sos, oh well. Anyway, I have almost finished a pen, one for a client. It is a bit of a beast coming in at 180mm long from end to end capped, that is erm, pretty long. Girth wise it is 14.5mm, which isn’t too bad, a diameter of that will make for very little step fown to the cap threads. On the subject of threads I think I mentioned I was having problems with wobbly threads. I think I have solved it, as the main picture shows I turn down the end of the blank and I feed it into the die which is held by the lathe. Works much better.

Anyway this pen that I have made, [here](https://i.imgur.com/8SpJphj.jpg) it is, still needs polishing mind. I have been experimenting with using my dremel to make sections. This is the standard section that I do and I had been making them using files until this one. It is my [first section](https://i.imgur.com/NaaPwDD.jpg) of this shape using the dremel. I have never used a dremel for anything before.

I have come up with names for my designs at last and I am working to redesign my website a bit to display these as best I can and the different options with them. That is my current work in progress along with what is below.

So here comes where I need some help from you lot out there. I am looking for a cheapish soluble lubricant for my lathe that has anti rust properties. Does a thing exist?

* Kitless pen guide

So I have been busy writing away and getting photos of the pen I have chosen to make as I write the guide. Last week I said how I had written the part which dealt with preparing the blank. Well I have done the part which turns that blank into a pen barrel. You can find it


(https://denspens643598967.wordpress.com/turning-the-barrel/). I will be constantly working on them until I am happy with them but it is usable at the moment. Let me know what you think.

Next will be creating sections.

That is it for this week. Have a good weekend.

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