Pen making update 46: Full steam ahead

  • Pen making

Wow, this week has been pretty full on. I needed a break and I wanted to make a pen for myself on Saturday. So I decided to use a blank I have been sitting on for almost a year. They were some of the first blanks I bought, I got a set of three, purple, green and orange. I used the purple pen and made it to fit a Jowo #6 Nib Here it is unpolished and then here it is with a bit of the old spit and polish to it . So I guess this is a new pen day post too.

On the subject of polish I managed to get the rest of the pens from last week polished up too. If you notice there is a bit of preparation for the pen show in that picture but more on that later. Oh apologies that the pens are missing clips, the ones with the unscrewed finials on the caps are the ones awaiting clips. I only have the one I use to make pens.

Yeah, you read that right. I use different parts of pens to make sure my sizing is on point with the pens. I have some dummy nib units which don’t have nibs in so I can get the threading for them right in the pen sections. I have a small and a large converter so I know what sizes I need to drill out in the barrel. I have a clip of a design that I prefer to work with I can get the clips done properly and if I want to do a hidden clip ring I can use the spare clip to make sure that it all goes together well.

I made a simple Mars style pen using a blank which was described to me as Mustard. It’s not a blank I particularly like but it came out ok in the end. This is going to be polished on Sunday. I have found that Sunday seems to be the day that I do my polishing. With my wife going to her Roller Derby training my workshop time is limited but if I can save a bunch of pens to polish I can get all my sanding and polishing done for the week. Seems to work out so far.

I managed to do another one of my Titan designs this time in blue but in the same style blank as the one I did last week. I am thinking this can be a his and hers set, maybe, probably not though, just a thought. It is a design everyone does really but I think it is a nice one, there is nowhere to hide with a design like this, everything has to be perfect.

So, out of all the pens that I have made this one I am really proud of. The material looks gorgeous, the design came out perfectly. Without further ado, here is my Zeus in blue swirl with the clip and nib line up with the tapered ends. I am very rarely proud of what I do, I mean I like the pens I make but not overly proud, this one though. It’s one I will be very sorry to see go if it does.

  • Pen Show Preparation

Things are in full steam ahead with this. Not only have I upped my pen production from 1 maybe 2 a week to now 4 a week I have managed to do some other things too. As the picture showed before I have got some display stands for my table. I also got a business card holder and some A4 flappy things, that is their technical name I believe. So it should be cool. Thinking about the table in general I am pondering what I can do to gain height. I am thinking of putting something under the table cloth to put the pen stands on, however this will alter the front of the table cloth and if I want to have my logo on the front then I can’t do this. The other option is finding some clear plastic stands, however I can’t really afford to buy them at the moment. Any ideas?

I have managed to secure a deal with one of my main suppliers on getting the nibs and things I need for the show so I can pay for what sells and send back those that don’t. I am also doing my best to learn nub tuning in time for the show. To say I have a lot on my plate is an understatement.

I have to get some laminated A4 fliers of my designs that I can put on the table and that I will be taking orders for custom work. I need to get some general fliers for the flappy things too. I need to order the t shirts for my wife and my eldest daughter too. Arrgh too much to think about, with this and work my brain is borderline melting and dribbling out of my ear.

Luckily I have my wife helping me. She has said she is going to be making pen sleeves for me. I am really reluctant to put them in pen boxes, they just get opened and put to the side and end up just being clutter in peoples houses, well I know mine are.

Well, that is it for now. Any thoughts, you know the drill, reply to this post and let me know.

Anyway take care everyone, have a good weekend and I will hopefully see you next week.

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