Update 50: All present and accounted for

  • Pen Making

So the big news this week is that as you can see by the image above, the main bulk of the work is done. All of the pens are shaped, clips are cut in threads are made and work. I received my order of nibs, clips and converters so things are moving forward.

I made another one of the Zeus model pens this one out of a black and clear acrylic with a black ebonite section. Thing is that when I have drilled it out the heat caused has blistered the inside of the blank giving it a fogged look. Not ideal. So I asked around and I needed to make some metal sticks and put a slot in the end. I put the sand paper through the slot and that holds it in place while I am sanding on the inside. Here are the metal sticks I made, the slots are about an inch long. I made them by getting some thin studding and cutting the slots with a hacksaw, I messed it up a few times but managed it in the end. When that was done I used a bench grinder to remove the threads as best I could without ruining the end, the last thing you want is sharp edges scratching up the inside of what you are trying to sand. I am going to try it out tomorrow.

I bought some blanks the other week and they weren’t quite square so I figured a way to turn them correctly. I packed them out with some old 180grit sand paper. Thick enough to bridge the unwanted gaps. If anything I am good at improvising.

Oh and a bit of good news. I got a client wanting a set of 2 custom pens. Which is just in time as I am about to finish the show pens.

  • Random Haiku’s

Pretty little blanks,

What glorious pens they make,

Spreading joyful words.

Very messy lathes,

Covered in colourful strands,

Pain to tidy up.

  • London Pen show

So time is running out, not that long now until March 8th and I am in full panic mode over things but there is nothing new there. I have new business cards printed up which look much better than the old ones. The bit I am looking forward to though is baking the fountain pen nib shaped shortbread biscuits with my daughters. That will be messy and fun.

Anyway that is it for this week, take care everyone and have a good weekend.

Anyways as usual you can follow me on instagram [@denscustompens](https://www.instagram.com/denscustompens/7 )

and if you want to find the archive of these posts I host them on my website here

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