The plague

To anyone who reads this…

I came down with symptoms of the dreaded disease and so I have been isolating since last weekend. My symptoms are getting better but according to the person I spoke to in the NHS I will still be isolating until this coming Thursday. I am getting pen stuff done whenever I have the energy (which has been only 1 afternoon so far). At the moment my wife and I are going a bit nuts being stuck in our small flat with our two demanding daughters but hopefully it will be over soon. I am so looking forward to going back to work and seeing other humans again. I have another update I need to post on here but it isn’t of any great detail. Any of you who are out there that are self isolating I truly hope you are keeping yourselves occupied and your brains active. To those of you who are still able to move around in the world, please stay safe.


6 thoughts on “The plague

  1. Hi Den, I’m sorry to hear that – and hope you’re back on form soon.

    I am currently self isolating, only another 10 days to go…

    I had a bit of a nasty tax surprise this month, and with self isolation, who knows what my pay packet will be like this month…! So I’m hoping it won’t be a problem if I delay my pen for a month or so. I do definitely want it though.

    All the best to you and your family.





    1. That is fine. I am more than willing to work with people on these things to help out. I don’t expect anyone to put themselves out of pocket because of me. There are more important things in life than pens. I will keep in touch with you concerning your pen but you have a slot booked when you are ready for it.


  2. Sorry to hear that you have The Plague, Matey; I will be praying for your swift recovery…

    YIC – John E P Martin

    (edit: took your phone number out of your comment before i approved it, hope that is ok)


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