Pen making update Y2 W4: Pens in Isolation

  • Pen Making

So after launching the shop area of my website last week I realised that I am missing some designs, this is either because I have sold them or I have just not got around to making more of them. The Eris model for example is a very subjective model as it’s main feature is the carved shape or pattern into the end of the barrel, like the skull pen I made or the heart pen I made for my daughter and a commission. I may design some standard designs for that model but I like it if they are all different, adds to the chaos.

The purple pen I posted last week was one of the designs I had not made many of. I got to polishing it on Sunday last week (to be honest I am really struggling to tell what the say is at the moment), So here it is in the sunlight all polished up. The facets came out quite well once polished up, the flat one is very shiny as is the square end of the cap. I am in two minds about the material though it was a bit of a pain to work with.

The other pen I have finished off this week was a blue one of the Aequitas design, here it is freshly turned ugly tool marks and all. They sand out well though so it’s no real problem, the only problem happens when you get a really deep scratch or mark. I do like the circle marks on the end you get though. See no more marks.

This next pen, well you see, it’s not quite finished yet. I had to do an order for a comission and picked up a bunch of blanks so that surred me on to do a little bit more work on the lathe. I had a bent rod of ebonite but managed to turn it so it was straight and turned all the square blanks to round, generally the first setp in making a pen. So the work on the actual pen ended up with this, here it is capped it’s not polished yet but it should come out quite nicely.

With the order of blanks I got some off cuts of material so I could attempt a new skill. Yeah, I am not very good at it. What is it? Engraving. The idea was to put my logo in the pens I make but I don’t think anyone would want this, this or this in their pen.

  • other stuff

I got a surprise in the post the other day u/3OaksBassets bought me some ink and got it sent through to my house. Thank you so much for that! Made my day. The inks in question are Moon Dust and Night Sky Diamine shimmer inks.

Anyway that is it for this week, take care everyone and have a good weekend.

Anyways as usual you can follow me on instagram [@denscustompens]( )

and if you want to find the archive of these posts I host them on my website here

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