Pen Making Update Y2 Week 9: Sunny days and lots of polishing

Hey all, Hope you are faring well, still in lockdown however I have been called into work Monday. How are things with you?

Anyway, on with the show.

* Pen making

Well I have been teaching myself a few new things this week. The blank making is coming along leaps and bounds since I bought some more resin and some new colours. I also got some new things to work on the different effects I can get. So here are some of the new blanks I did, I wanted to see if I could make one to a theme, so I chose to try and make one which reminded me of a sunny day at the beach with grass on the dunes and fluffy clouds in the sky. A nice happy scene which would make me smile. Here are the [blanks]( which ended up making this pen unpolished it looked like [this]( and the other [side]( then a [closeup]( Well I polished it up today and it now looks like [this]( the other [side]( and with the [cap off]( I doubt I could ever repeat this blank but I am so happy I hope this goes to a good home.

The other one that was done was one my wife poured. She was trying something where she pre mixed the coloured together before pouring into a mold. It came out looking pretty snazzy! She said it [looks]( like a [Monet](×574/smart/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/56-3701471-780px-claude-monet-impression-soleil-levant-1872.jpg). The thing about it though is that it uses the same colours as the beach blank. So here is the [unpolished]( pen and then the final result with [cap on]( and [cap off]( Cool huh?

Other things I have done this week are:

* I mixed some new blanks, a gorgeous [blue and purple]( one and a sort of pastel version of similar [colours](, can’t wait to turn them into pens.

* I got to use some gorgeous Diamons Cast Radience blanks to make an order, even unpolished it looked [gorgeous]( I took a [closeup too](, here it is [polished up]( and [cap off](

*I finally [polished]( up the tan pen with the ink [window](

*I re polished the [red and yellow]( pen I posted last week as someone pointed out there were some micro scratches on it I had [overlooked](

* And lastly, I fixed my [daughters pen]( She was so happy, when I gave it to her she gave me a big smile and said ‘I have missed writing with a fountain pen daddy.’ So cute.

As usual feel free to give feedback or suggestions in the comments. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and stay safe.

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