Pen making update Y2 W16: Each to their own

* Pen Making

The pen in question is [this]( The green sparkly band is also the grip section and the rest of the barrel screws on to it. The blank which makes up the barrel and the cap was poured over a number of different days. You can see the different pours better [here](, that’s what I mean by truly unique. I don’t think I could ever make a pen blank exactly the same as this one. Similar as in the makeup of it with the different levels of it sure but nothing like that. This one is the custom order which will be heading out to them once I have made their second pen.

I bought myself a blank, I know I make them now but I have wanted to use these blanks for a long time and I decided to take the plunge. They are Lava Explosion blanks and are Alumilite which looks very very cool. I was worried about using them so I decided I would make myself a pen first off so if I messed it up it wouldn’t be a loss for the company and more importantly it wouldn’t be a disappointment for a client. So here is the end result with the [cap on]( and [cap off](, I don’t own a Zeus of my own yet so I figured that was a good bet.

The other pens I have made this week are quite varied, they are all from my own pours and I am starting to develop repeatable mixes. I have 2 so far. One of them I call Tír na nÓg which is the mythological Celtic Otherworld where the Fae reside. The Pen I made was a Baldur, [cap on]( and [cap off](

The other three pens are as follows:

1. Blue Aphrodite [Cap on](, [cap off](

2. Pink blue shifting material with silver Vanargand [Cap on]( [Cap off[(

3. Purple Titan with clip [Cap on]( [Cap off](

As usual feel free to give feedback or suggestions in the comments. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and stay safe.

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