Pen making update Y2 W17: Matchy Matchy

Ok so at the beginning of the week I posted up all my pen blanks up on to the uk fountain pen facebook group. In two days I managed to pick up 10 orders so I have been trying to arrange and deal with this all week. So I am going to talk about making pen blanks this week.

* Blank making

So first of all it’s a case of looking for inspiration. This can come from all over the place really but for these I wanted something I could show you. I picked out one of my favourite vampire films from my DVD shelf [Near Dark]( So I had my inspiration so I then go through my colours, of which I have [a lot]( I pick out the colours and get to sorting out the [counter]( to make things easier.

Thing about mixing the resin is that you are on a timer. 35 minutes from when part A and B meet. So it is a bit of a rush job normally, especially if you are mixing 6 different blanks like I tend to do. That is why I choose the colours for each blank and get stuff ready, here are the ones for the [DVD]( Mixing always leaves a bit of a [mess](, which is why I have the cover over the counter, resin doesn’t come off easily. So the mixing is done, then comes the waiting, 24 hours for this particular resin, which is Alumilite Clear Cast.

So the blank came out and it went pretty [well](, I don’t use the blanks straight away preferring to give them a day or two to finishing curing if there is anything left. I have made a few bendy blanks before, they don’t go well. After a few days I turn the pen and I fit the clip and make sure everything is looking good. I really like the way this one [turned out]( before I even polished it. Then the polish hit it and it elevated to another level. It is one of those [pens]( that I will be sorry to see go.

Oh yeah, I also made a blank that [glows in the dark](

As usual feel free to give feedback or suggestions in the comments. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and stay safe.

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