Pen making update Y2 W18: The Challenges

* Pen making

I have a few pens made this week and a bunch made last week. As usual the pens which have been made for clients have been asked to post images of their pen. I wanted to share a few of the more unique projects I have on the go too. I also wanted to go into some of the subtle differences of the designs.

I’ll start with the pens, along with the pens I made in the leading image I made some more. In those there is the one I shared last week with matching the blank to the Near Dark DVD cover. There is [this]( one which I made for stock that I love the blank for. It is definitely a mix that I will be replicating in the future. There is [this]( one which is for a client that wanted a matching roll stop on it, I bought a stud earring and cut off the spike then glued it into a drilled dent. Then there is [this]( one which is for another client, I am so happy with this, I managed to get the ends to get a [mirror like]( shine, the green glitter is actually cake decoration glitter.

I have decided it’s time to start preparing for pen shows again. There is supposed to be the London Pen Show in October. I have a table already and so I need to get things sorted. I need to up my speed so I decided to try and do a small production run on some pens. I made [these](

, I still need to polish them still but to make these from untouched blanks took a grand total of 3 hours 10 minutes. I have selected a bunch of blanks to do the next lot. I will share the results next week.

Here is where I need to ask you lot a question. I do 3 different section shapes. Which of [these]( do you prefer?

* Blank Making

I have a job at the moment of matching an image with pen blanks. A few of the initial attempts were way off, which is the main reason why I do a set of 6 when I accept a custom pour. It gives people a range to choose from rather than being stuck with one they don’t want. This one however inspired me quite a bit. [Here]( is the picture, and [here]( are the blanks, what do you think?. The other blanks I have made are these [ones]( Yes I still have the blank pouring bug.

As usual feel free to give feedback or suggestions in the comments. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Pen making update Y2 W18: The Challenges

  1. For the pen sections I like the middle one best. It allows for easily adjusting my grip by slight movement up or down, which makes it easy to get the right balance for a particular pen.


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