Pen making update Y2 Wk22: Back in the game with a new name

* Pen making

Back from my break. A week at the in laws place and then a weekend away with my friends playing D&D and I survived. Yay!

Anyway back onto the pen making I guess, as that is the whole point of these posts. I am back at work at random days of the week at the moment until the next total lock down when it happens. This is bad for the wallet but it gives me more time to work on pens. Things have not been going smoothly though.

I got myself a new polishing wheel and the buffing wheels keep snatching the pen parts away from me, they end up bouncing around against hard surfaces and things like [this]( happen. Luckily that is from one of my custom blanks so I just had to pour a fresh one to remake it. This wasn’t the only casualty though, the section of [this]( was another victim but I remade it out of white acrylic. Then worst of all a clients section shattered, this one I had a very similar acrylic for and I remade it.

I made the biggest two pens that I have made so far. One for a [client]( which is a massive Baldur which can post from a custom blank pour, this blank was one based upon a picture I shared a few weeks back. Then I made a Neptune which is ab absolute unit of a pen [Eco for scale]( Tell me, what do you think of these over size pens? Are you a fan or not? I have to say I quite like them.

As some of you know I have been running a giveaway on instagram where the picture my wife and I based a blank on was chosen out of ones people had sent in, then we made the blanks and one based upon a peacock feather was chosen. Well I made the pen and [here]( it is, there is still time to enter the giveaway if you want too. Got it all [polished]( earlier today.

I have been working out my sanding procedures and wanted to put them too the test. I have yet to polish the insides so I will let you guess which is which. One was sanded up to 800 grit before polishing and the other was sanded up to 7000 grit before polishing. They come in [red]( and [blue]( flavour, so which is which, you tell me.

Other than that I made a new [Zeus](, and I made a new aphrodite out of the last remaning blanks from the first batch we made. Again this one is [long](

As usual feel free to give feedback or suggestions in the comments. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and stay safe.

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