Pen making update Y2 Wk29: Oops I did it again, possibly part 2

* Pen Making

Well, I haven’t done this in a while and in a way it’s kind of nice to mess up every now and then. It forces you to have to learn different ways of doing things. One of my skills is being able to adapt and improvise. So, what happened, you ask. I’ll tell you. I messed up and it cost me the pen I was working on.

Last week I showed you the pink and teal blank with the teal rings that I had glued together. It did not go well. I have not used acrylic for a while now having plenty of my own blanks to work with, which are far more forgiving. Well I glued on the finial which I decided to make white. I was going to make it into a Gaea design which is a more classic pen shape. So it all glued and it looked [quite nice](

With the blank turned down to size it was time to drill out the internal channel for the converter. Guess who didn’t use enough lubrication. I’ll give you a clue, his name rhymes with Tennis, yup, this idiot right here. I drilled into the barrel, I got passed the ink window and the rings, things were going well. Then I got deep in the blank and the drill bit jammed. As soon as that happened I knew what had occurred and I turned the lathe off. The resin inside had softened and then re hardened to the shape of the drill bit effectively creating a form fitting shape. Not only that but in the process it had broken the blank at the glue line. [This]( is what I ended up with.

Not all was lost, no dear reader, it was still salvageable. I noticed the tenon hadn’t completely gone so I spread glue over it once more and fitted it back onto the rest of the barrel. This was a prototype so I was expecting this kind of mess up. Thing was the threads had gone and my vice was not big enough to fit the barrel in to apply pressure for the glue to set. I needed to think, what could I use to extend the throw of the jaws? I looked around and there was nothing. Then I looked under the desk and saw the clamp for vice to fit to the desk had a longer throw to it. Well I figured, why not. I sandwiched it between the handle and the desk to hold it together. It looked pretty [funny]( but it worked. I glued up the lid [as well]( So far so good, skip to the next day.

From where the barrel was spinning in the lathe jaws held by the drill bit there were some marks on the barrel. Needed to get those out, so I figured I would shape and thread the barrel, which all went well until once more the weakened glue line broke once again. I figured I would make the lid anyway and then found that the walls were too thin to take the threading. All rookie mistakes that brought me back down and re evaluate my processes. [This]( is what I ended up with, an unusable cap, a broken barrel but at least I can salvage the section. I have some more of the blanks involved but it will be a little while before I try again.

Other than that I have made a few pens, out of [these four]( three of them are spoken for, one being for a friend, one being for secret santa and one being for a client. The [fourth]( one however is available.

As usual feel free to give feedback or suggestions in the comments. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and stay safe.

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