Year 2 week 43: Ebonite

* pen making

So almost the end of the year (as far as finance goes), thought I would take this time into taking a look over what I have done in this hellish year that we have had. Turns out that I have been very busy, as you can see by the video. Yeah that’s right, most of those pens were made between last march and now. It started off with preparation for the October London Pen Show, then it went to the March show, now it is for the show that is supposed to be happening in July and if not then I will save what is left for October. It means I am prepared.

What this means though is that I can scale back on production, I can concentrate on getting these up and make sure that they are adequately represented on my website or on instagram, most likely both. I have put so much work into these I really want them to look as good as they look in the flesh. So it will be just concentrating on commissions for the moment. That should be less stressful and allow me to spend more time with my kids and wife.

So in detail here are my designs, I am quite proud of these and I know the pictures are not the best but that will hopefully change with the different setups for photography I have.

* [Skadi](

* [Baldur](

* [Gaea 1]( [Gaea 2](

* [Titan](

* [Vanargand](

* [Neptune](

* [Aequitas](

* [Mars](

* [Zeus](

* [Aphrodite 1]( [Aphrodite 2](

* [Baetylus 1]( [Baetylus 2]( [Baetylus 3](

Which design is your favourite?

Coming on to the Baetylus last was something I did on purpose. I have had my first major cockup on that design. I tried to use a pebbly effect blank, it was nothing but a nightmare. First the threads were too loose, then the threads completely broke. So I re did them, I got the basic cylinder done and then started to file it. Unfortunately I didn’t take the new size into account when I was filing and well [this]( happened.

I gave up on that one, I have an acrylic one anyway so I thought I would try an ebonite one. I had a stick of green and yellow so I figured I would give it a go. I tell you what, ebonite is so much easier than any other material to shape into these. I just hope I can get the finish to come out well. I started by making the barrel into a [square ish]( shape, then I filed down the corners to the point at the end of the barrel and went up the pen to the cap from there. You can see some of it [here](

I have two customer pens in the works now. Another ebonite pen in [black and red]( and then another Baetylus in a [brooks blank]( When they are done I will get some good photos and show them off next week.

As always take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

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