So far behind here, sorry: Weekly update: Year 3 week 1: A New Year and New Plans

* Pen making

So it’s now I find myself into my 3rd year of doing these updates, or there abouts. To mark this I did a giveaway which is still running until next saturday (19th of this month). Check out last weeks update for the info.

So with a new year things have not slowed down for me. I am prepping for the pen show in July (hoping it happens). Along with that I am still keeping up with the custom pens. Like this [skull pen]( which also has [skulls]( on [either end]( Second polish is needed but you get the picture. This is made from a diamond cast Derby Girl blank. I really enjoy working with them but I remember when I started I wasn’t too fond of them.

I have started to practise on doing demonstrators and working out what the best way of doing them is. So I am working on [this one]( for another pen maker, it’s not shaped yet and I need to polish the inside but I am hoping I can get this one clear as crytstal, alumilite isn’t the best for doing demonstrators.

So today I started working a bit early because I needed to clear my head. I had a bit of a stressful morning. I started with a bunch of [blanks]( as always, some for stock some for customer orders. I had been asked for shorter and thinner pens, so I have decided to do something like that with the next batch. A mix of clips and not too.

I have explained my processes before a few times, I made the [sections]( first, these will get shaped later. Then I turned the barrel and caps down to [size]( cutting where needed. I finished work at 4pm today and I started at 10:20 ish. So it’s taken me all that to make 5 pens which have sections and drilled out and [threaded barrels]( The other two need to be turned down a bit more and threaded. That along with shaping and sanding will happen tomorrow. Polishing may have to happen in the week.

So I want to invite you all to pose some questions. I will answer them as best I can on next weeks update. I want to get you guys involved more in these.

Well that’s it for this week, take care my friends, and most of all, stay safe.

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