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COVID Awareness: We know that the current situation across the globe is a serious one and with this in mind we do everything we can to to help slow the potential spread of germs. Before you receive your pen it is cleaned and upon the package, there will be the date it was sealed. This allows you to make a judgment on when you can open it.

Our Family Run Business at the London Pen show October 2021

Why You’ll Love Us

We do our best to provide people with an excellent and unique service. You are at the core, when you buy a custom pen from us we will always keep you at the centre of the experience. We do this by:

  • You can use our designs or we can come up with something completely bespoke to you
  • We can create unique materials just for you
  • We can work with 3 different nib manufacturers to ensure you get a nib you like
  • We provide a fair price based upon the work involved and the materials used
  • We provide you with regular updates and letting you change your mind on design options up until the point of polishing
  • We provide free uk postage on all orders

What We Do

We produce beautiful pens from a variety of materials. Not ready to go custom? Check the stock pens by clicking the image.

We do our best to help support the pen maker world by writing guides to help newcomers, staying in contact with other makers, and creating resources for pen makers to use. Check out our current resources by clicking the image.

At the core of our business is honesty. It is with this in mind that we write a blog of our pen-making journey from the very beginning, all the mistakes and victories included. So if you want to learn from my mistakes or just laugh at them then simply Click the image to check it out.

Announcing our new design:

The Baetylus

Look here for videos, this pen can be ordered using the custom pen order form.





In our workshop, we do our very best to provide you with the most beautiful fountain pens of your dreams.