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Neon Kelp

Order Code: A005


This is a long pen, made long to take advantage of the differing swirling colours that remind me of a turbulent sea mixing up all the seaweed in the waves.

  • Length cap on: 178mm
  • Length cap off: 160mm
  • Postable? yes
  • Cap turns: 2.5
  • Barrel width: 15.1mm
  • Section width: 9.9mm

Lemon and Lime

Order Code: A002


A custom poured blank of yellows and greens featuring a translucent end to the barrel.

  • Length cap on: 143mm
  • Length cap off: 134mm
  • Postable? Yes
  • Cap turns: 2.5
  • Barrel Width: 14.7mm
  • Section width: 9.9mm

Purple Mishmash

Order Code: A001


Two different blanks, one purple with a hint of orange in the cap. Much shorter than the Venom it fits nicely in the hand with a night balance to it.

  • Length cap on: 150mm
  • Length cap off: 140mm
  • Postable? Yes
  • Cap turns: 2.5
  • Barrel Width: 14.2mm
  • Section width: 10.2 – 11.3mm