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The Baetylus is truly a unique pen, no two designs will ever be the same. Painstakingly shaped by hand (the lathe is only used for drilling and threading the pieces), each facet is cut and then goes through an extensive sanding process to give it either a matte or gloss finish.

Each pen takes up to 12 hours of solid work to make but I love making them so do not be afraid to order one. I can follow basic shape guide lines as to how you want the pen to taper or whether you want it to stay roughly even down from the cap to the barrel. These pens are all custom made to you and however you like your pens.

Each one is designed upon an idea of a shard of a gem stone. The materials which are best suited for this design are Ebonite, Acrylic and Alumilite. I am open to trying new things on these designs.

As for stock pens. I will only ever keep a maximum of 5 in stock at a time and they will be a series defined by a certain aspect of the design. Once they are gone, that is it. The first series is gone but look out for series 2.

The base price for this beautiful design is £300 + shipping (as always uk postage is free) for opaque and £330 + shipping for clear materials that require internal polishing.

Above images captured by Edmond Terakopian, See more of his work here

Above images captured by Kamille over at Cross Street Art

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