I had a chance to put in the nib, ink up the pen, and put in an extended writing session in today.

The nib that I have (a Regalia Writing Labs “Trilogy”) fit without any issues.  I expect that I’ll need to continue to practice to use the nib with any proficiency: I was expecting the “up-down” angle of the nib to affect the thickness of the line but I don’t seem to be able to anticipate how much  tilting the nib “right-left” affects line thickness as well.

For whatever it’s worth: one of my cats has already attempted to bat the pen off of my desk and the clip slowed her down enough for me to save it from a fall.  =)

The pen photographs beautifully.  The grip has been really comfortable which is a relief as I’m hoping to 1) get enough practice in so that I get better line control which will let me 2) make this my regular “take it out for sketching” pen.

Thank you for the new pen and for your patience!