The Materials

The materials I regularly use are

Ankhas Alumilite Blanks

Produced by Den’s Pens in house

Some of the blanks from the videos are gone as those videos are quite old. Please bear with us while we update these. Thank you.

Click here to check out some of our work in matching pen blanks to set images.

Brooks Blanks

Supplied by The Carolina Pen Company

These deserve little introduction, but here are some images anyway to whet your whistle. These blanks are only sporadically available as they are shipped in direct. Please enquire as to the availability.

Diamond Cast/Silver series/Radiance Alumilite blanks

supplied by Beaufort ink

TQ Blanks

Divine Island Alumilite Blanks

supplied by Beaufort ink

Kirinite Pearl Series

supplied by Beaufort ink and Turners workshop

Kirinite Ice Series

supplied by Beaufort ink


supplied by Beaufort ink

Standard Acrylics

supplied by Beaufort ink and Turners workshop

Vintage Acrylics

Supplied by Turners workshop

Please don’t ask me to use Polyester, you will make me cry…